We love beautifully handcrafted items. We also have a strong appreciation for great wines, spirits, cocktails and craft beer. Our collection celebrates these two passions. We are not an art gallery, we do not "curate", we just want to share pieces that we love and appreciate. Parched Penguin is the result of 30 years hands on experience, blended with the passion of a new generation that honours old world traditions.

Society has conditioned us to trade-in high quality for low price points but as the saying goes “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. So whether you are after a single whisky glass or a set of tools to start your dream bar – we will be here to help, one quality piece at a time. Independently owned and operated, our goal is to give personal brick and mortar service in an online environment.


D. Atkinson

Parched Penguin is powered by Atkinson's, a family owned luxury retail destination celebrating 30 years of business in Vancouver, BC. 

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